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Fighting Classes in Phoenix AZ & Beyond

Whether you want to build self-defense skills or want to learn advanced techniques for use in combat, we have the expertise and the experience needed to help you reach your goals. We can teach you how to defend yourself legally, morally and ethically while also teaching you how to identify threats. avoid physical confrontations. Whether it’s through group or private lessons, we’ll make sure that you get the skills, knowledge and training you need to reach your individual goals.

There are only three categories of ALL Martial Arts

Cultural / Competition / Combat

We only teach COMBAT & Street proven Close Quarters Battle (CQB) – Strategy, Tactics, and Techniques (STAT)

Survive a fight in less than a second with the ultimate weapon YOU! Your mind, your body, your training.

Survive a fight with multiple attackers anywhere, on the street, in your home, in your car.


A 5’0″ 100lb flight attendant defeats a 6’0″ 200lb terrorist at 30,000 feet in a commercial airliner

Get effective, effecient, and seamless training that works anywhere

Our instructor, Ken Casey Carscadden, is a professional combat master who has studied multiple martial arts styles all around the world, so you can be sure you are getting trained by the best.

From Self-Defense to Advanced Combat Training

These are not the traditional self-defense classes like your neighborhood dojo or You Tube “expert”. Because of the effectiveness and lethal efficiency of the Strategies, Tactics and Techniques these classes are not taught to anyone under 18 years old. In our classes. We cover every aspect of self-defense so you can be sure to become fast and effective in protecting yourself and loved ones.  The aim of Trident Tactical Training is to not only teach students how to defend themselves, but also how to be proactive in their training so they can learn everything they need to feel confident legally, morally, and ethical in any physical confrontation.

Trident Tactical Academy Firearms Training Phoenix Arizona
Empty hand combat CQB

Three rules of fighting that will save your life

Civilian Rules of engagement (C-ROE)

Escalation of force laws

Soft physical skills

Hard physical skills

Lethal physical skills

Fight ranges

Striking effectively

Anatomical Targets

Anatomical Weapons

Angles of attack

Angles of defense

Efficient Footwork 

Fighting on your feet

Fighting in the clinch

Fighting on the ground

Weapon disarms





Three rules of fighting that will save your life

Civilian Rules of engagement (C-ROE)

Fight ranges

Knife disarms

Knife retention

Knife fighting ranges

Efficient footwork

Angles of Attack

Angles of Defense

Fighting on your feet 

Fighting in the clinch

Fighting on the ground

Empty hand knife defense



Batons were made for bones not meat

Baton disarms

Baton retention

Baton fighting ranges

Efficient footwork

Angles of attack

Angles of defense

Joint manipulation

Pain compliance

Cop Come-alongs


From Beginner to Advanced Martial Arts Classes

We have fighting classes for everyone!  If you are a beginner, or if you have advanced experience in martial arts already, we’ll get you trained up even further. We will train your mind and body to function together like a fine tuned machine! Our training is not only for people looking to get into shape but also for those looking to level up fighting skills for combat. In our classes you will learn multiple styles of combat martial arts and diverse fighting techniques all while improving fitness and mental clarity.

Beginner Martial Arts Classes for Adults 

If you have been wanting to learn how to handle yourself in a fight, come try our beginner classes. You can expect a very welcoming atmosphere that will put you at ease quickly while also getting the intensive training that you want. We provide a program for everyone, from self-defense training to learning how to use your body’s strength while fighting. We believe in not only teaching physical skills such as punching and kicking, but also mental and emotional skills like confidence and focus. Once you apply these techniques outside the classroom, they’ll really start working for you! Watch your self-confidence sky rocket after just a few classes.


Advanced Martial Arts Classes

Our advanced classes take it even further with material on sparring and overcoming fear of fighting off an actual opponent. Learning to resist an attacker is a huge component of self defense training that many schools neglect. We bring it all together in our classes by making sure you’re getting the very best training possible at every level. You’ll be on your toes at every practice, using everything you’ve learned on the way toward helping you achieve and surpass your goals.

Trident Tactical Academy Fighting Instruction Phoenix Arizona

New Student Special

Sign up for any three classes and get a 10% discount


Can I Get Injured Taking One of These Classes?

Safety is our number one priority, but this is physical contact training with objects and other people to properly prepare you to survive a real-world life or death threat.

Safety equipment will be discussed during initial sign up or during your first class

Do I Need A Gee or Any Special Attire

No gee needed. Wear comfortable clothing you can move quickly and freely in.

do i need to bring any special equipment or ppe?

None to the first session. These items will be discussed in the first session and depending on what classes you will be taking.

d. Do you sanitize any equipment used in your class and how?

We follow the current CDC guidelines with biodegradable products.